No real thoughts on the subject; just want to put this as a historical marker of sorts. Some things that have gone on so far: All the school-age kids are doing distance learning/homeschooling for at least another week.Movement/travel throughout the world have significantly slowed down.Restaurants are only available for to-go/delivery orders. No dine ins currently.I've … Continue reading COVID-19

A Broader Issue Exposed by CVE-2018-14665

CVE-2018-144665 refers to "An incorrect permission check for -modulepath and -logfile options when starting Xorg. X server allows unprivileged users with the ability to log in to the system via physical console to escalate their privileges and run arbitrary code under root privileges." Here's the link to Matthew Hickey's tweet that shows the exploit. I'm not … Continue reading A Broader Issue Exposed by CVE-2018-14665