Here are a list of software projects that I’m either currently working on, or have worked on in the past.

Active Projects

  • tlslookieloo: a utility geared for software testers to monitor TLS communication between a client and server apps. This assumes that you have control of both sides of the channel. If your plan is to intercept communication by taking advantage of weakness in TLS or an implementation, this is not the app for you.

Some past projects

If you want to pick these projects up, file an issue in the project’s repo. There are more on my github repositories if you’re curious

  • G-force meter: An android G-force meter. I wrote this to learn how to use the built-in accelerometer in an Android phone (I think I had one of the Samsung ones back then)
  • Nearby Metars: An Android app to easily see METAR information from airports around your current location.
  • gt_multi_vid: I wrote this after talking with someone whose daughter was playing tennis and wanted to be able to put multiple cameras on the court and use the videos to review with her coach. QT-based app will allow you to play multiple videos at the same time on the available panes.